Women’s light weight fully perforated glove made with premium grade durable Aniline goat featuring rubberized knuckle protection for maximum air flow and protection, light lining with padded palm and adjustable wrist strap. Click Picture To Make It Larger


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Being on the road means you need to protect every part of your body, including your hands. Gloves keep your hands safe and comfortable and give you better control over your motorcycle. Finding the perfect pair can keep you looking good and feeling better.

If you are looking for leather biker gloves to protect your hands during your rides, look no further than Daniel Smart Manufacturing. We make our products from scratch to give you quality materials that serve you well. Shop our line of protective leather motorcycle gloves and get back on the road in style.


Motorcycle gloves are an important part of any biker's wardrobe. This piece of gear should not be overlooked, as it provides multiple benefits — whether you are riding around town or hitting the highway. Some advantages include:

  • Improved safety: Gloves give you a better grip on your handlebars, even when your hands are sweating on hot days. They also prevent any numbing or tingling sensations common on longer rides.
  • Enhanced comfort: If you work with your hands, keeping them comfortable is important, and gloves help prevent skin damage from your bike. Gloves absorb vibrations from the road and prevent dryness and callouses.
  • Extra protection: If a fall occurs, your hands will be protected from the road if you use your hands to break your fall. Gloves also prevent sunburn on hot days, which can damage your skin permanently.
  • Sleek style: Gloves are both useful and stylish. They complement other leather gear such as jackets or vests and lean into the classic biker look.


Find the perfect pair of gloves to add to your riding gear. Daniel Smart Manufacturing makes gloves for both men and women to give you the best fit possible. We have two main styles, each with its own benefits:

  • Standard: Our standard gloves come in a wide range of styles, from lightweight to gauntlet. Standard gloves keep your hands warmer in cold weather and give your fingers maximum protection.
  • Fingerless: Fingerless motorcycle gloves are a stylish accessory that provides better grip and protection while riding. Our fingerless gloves for men and women help keep your hands cool in the heat while protecting you from hand injuries .